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Our sponsorship program offers a unique opportunity for indigenous youth to participate in Fusion's summer camps, experiencing skill development, teamwork, and the spirit of the game. Through the generosity of sponsors, we're creating a pathway for players to have an enriching experience in the world of lacrosse and create sustainable connections.

At Fusion West Lacrosse, we understand the importance of representation and the role it plays in inspiring young athletes. Through this sponsorship program, we seek to bridge the gap and provide a platform where Indigenous players can showcase their talents, learn from experienced coaches, and contribute to the growth of lacrosse.

By supporting the Camp Player Sponsorship, sponsors directly contribute to the empowerment of Indigenous youth. Their generosity enables us to break down financial barriers that may otherwise hinder participation, ensuring that talent knows no boundaries. In addition, sponsors gain the satisfaction of knowing they are investing in the future of lacrosse and promoting the values of unity, respect, and teamwork.

Interested sponsors please contact director@fusionwestlacrosse.com for more information.


Remote communities often face logistical constraints such as limited access to sports facilities, equipment, and trained coaches. The vast distances between these communities make it challenging to organize competitions and encourage regular participation from interested individuals. Additionally, many remote communities face socio-economic challenges that may limit the availability of resources to invest in sports infrastructure and equipment.

Empowering local youth is crucial for the growth of lacrosse in remote communities. Engaging and involving them in the sport not only improves their physical health but also nurtures a sense of belonging, teamwork, and leadership skills. By setting up lacrosse programs within schools or community centers, it becomes easier to reach out to young individuals and spark their interest in the sport.

By becoming a Remote Community Outreach Sponsor Fusion Spirit Foundation will send trained coaches to remote areas to create sustainable lacrosse programming for youth in these communities.

Previous Program Locations:

  • Teslin, Yukon Territory (August 2023)