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Why Choose Fusion West Lacrosse?

Fun, Disciplined Lacrosse Practice

At Fusion West we recognize that players have different learning styles and we aim cater to each unique athlete. One of our strongest attributes as a coaching staff is the energy and enthusiasm we bring to games and practices. Practicing should be fun, but disciplined. With a variety of coaching styles, your son or daughter is getting a well rounded coaching experience that will surely improve his or her game.

Long Term Investment in Your Child's Career

At Fusion West we want your child to have the same opportunities we as a coaching staff had when we were their age. If your son or daughter aspires to play college lacrosse in the United States, we will put him or her on the right track to making that dream a reality. If they want to play professionally, we will do whatever we can to help get them there. Fusion West is not a 'fly-by-night' operation. When we coach your son or daughter we feel a vested interest in their future and will be available for guidance on and off the field throughout their career.

Unmatched Lacrosse Coaching

At Fusion West Lacrosse we believe in connecting young Lacrosse players to the best coaches available. All of our coaches have played at the highest level and know what it takes to get there. Our goal is to raise the level of play on the West Coast by implementing new drills, programs and philosophies. We have played with the best players, and been coached by the best coaches, and now want to share our knowledge with players in our area!